Why Every Business Should Archive Emails

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Yes, you heard it right, every business should archive emails. Here’s why –

Email is considered as valid legal evidence and for some industries, it is mandatory to retain all mails exchanged for audit and compliance purpose.

As data volumes and distribution of information throughout organisations rises, businesses must ensure complete and secure storage of the email messages exchanged by users.

And the only way you can preserve ALL your business mails is by archiving them.

“But I take regular backup of mails”, you might reason. Or that “I have a large enough email storage”. That’s good, but not sufficient.

Why backups won’t serve the purpose

Backups are really just snapshots of information in time. This means, loss of mail, if a user receives mails between two backups and deletes it (accidentally or intentionally).

As against this, an email archiving solution intercepts the mail flow and stores a copy of every mail sent and received in the email vault BEFORE it is delivered to the user’s mailbox.

How long will you keep adding email storage?

Consider this: If an organization with 50 employees sends 10 mails each per day, it results in about 45,000 mails in 3 months.

Add to this, the email attachments, which (mostly) contain business sensitive information. E.g., if the average size of the mail is 500KB (including attachments), about 22.5 GB is needed for those 45,000 mails in just 3 months. Provisioning for all this store upfront can be costly.

On-premise email system

If you have an on-premise email system, all the more reason why your business needs a cloud email archiving solution. Head over to this blog detailing 4 reasons to consider cloud archival for your on-premise email solution.

Got more queries? Just ask us here. We will be happy to guide you to take the right decision.

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