12 Challenges of Data Management from Digitalization & how to solve them

1. Rapidly Growing Data Storage Volume

Managing large data volumes is challenging, so enterprises must invest in resources, talent, and suitable storage solutions for effective data management.

2. Growing data types and data sources

Modern organizations face the challenge of storing and managing diverse data, thereby needing an effective strategy for storage, access, and management.

3. Too Many Data Storage Mediums

With data stored on a growing number of platforms, enterprises need a data archival strategy to avoid compatibility issues and leverage data effectively.

4. Legacy IT Architectures

Legacy IT architecture presents a significant challenge and associated costs for data storage and management, which can be addressed by migrating data to a modern cloud platform.

5. Data Loss and Corruption

Effective backup, recovery, and data redundancy policies are needed to provide effective safeguards against the constant risk of data loss or corruption caused by accidental deletion or storage device malfunctions.

6. Predictability of Data Needs

Achieving predictability in data availability is a significant challenge, highlighting the need for agile systems for evolving data needs.

Microsoft 365
Microsoft Onedrive
Google Workspace

Vaultastic – cross-platform, centralised, and agile information archival

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7. Data Automation

Automation and digitalization present numerous benefits but pose a significant challenge due to the complexity of managing data from diverse sources and the lack of uniformity.

8. Data Governance

Enterprises generating large volumes of data require a secure framework to manage the privacy and security of sensitive customer and business-critical data.

9. Adhering to Industry Compliances

Adhering to industry compliances is crucial for data storage and archiving, thereby challenging enterprises to comprehend, formulate, and implement systems and policies to meet these regulations.

10. Data Security and Recovery

Securing data against growing and increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks requires the deployment of a strong defense against cyber threats to curb security breaches and prevent data theft.

11. Data Storage Management Costs

Storing data for longer durations is now a must to comply with regulations and data privacy laws, thereby making new-age cloud data protection with agile storage a top choice for optimizing data storage and management costs.

12. Privacy Regulations and Laws

To comply with government privacy regulations and safeguard customer data in today’s digital landscape, organizations need to move towards solutions with advanced search and extraction capabilities or risk unexpected costs due to non-compliance.

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How to Overcome Data Storage and Data Management Challenges?

Modern cloud-based data storage and management solutions like Vaulastic can help manage your ever-growing data by delivering:

  • Unprecedented scalability
  • High data durability
  • Robust security, and
  • Agile data services

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